Energy Industry Academy

Industrial Radiography: State Test Review Course (2 Months Access)

This course prepares Industrial Radiography personnel for the State Test by reviewing, reinforcing, and sharing test-taking tips to succeed on the exam.

-Math Instruction: instructional videos for each type of calculation

-Math Practice Problems: over 150 realistic practice problems, providing feedback based on the answer given, including where any mistake is being made

-Retention Games: focused on one subject at a time, helping nail down the most important points before test day

-Advance Games: challenging with the most detailed information on all subjects covered on the test

-Mobile App accessible: setup process is included in the Instruction Demo

-This course includes:

-Instructions: demo of course navigation and mobile app download

-Diagnostic Test: results organized by subject, creating a roadmap to guide limited study time

-Review Material: terminology and rule review, including test taking tips

-Review, review, review: all material and games available for repeat reviewing as needed

-Discussion Forum: allows current students to exchange ideas and study techniques

-Contact and Support: access to all qualified Instructors and technical support

-Access: available for eight (8) weeks from date of purchase, or until test day, whichever comes first